Tree of Plenty (TOP) Co-Op Helping Non-Profits

TOP is an alternative, an opportunity to utilize what we have to work with to make a better world for everyone. We do not have a shortage of services or merchandise, or a need for them. With TOP we have people ready to utilize that service and merchandise that could not afford to with the typical money constraints. The use of TOP money can make everyone’s life better.

This can be especially true for Non-Profits. If they are going to continue to perform as in the past they must “think outside the box.” With TOP the Non-Profit will receive more funds, expand their donor base, increase donations, reduce fundraising cost, save their hard earned cash (US dollars) while buying needed goods and services, and can get directly involved in the business community in a way that will be very beneficial to them. We have heard of Non-Profits turning down donations of land, planes, boats, etc., because they had no need for them. With TOP they can accept them as a donation and TOP can find a buyer, paying with TOP money, and the Non-Profit will have that TOP money to purchase their needed goods and services. What an incredible way to increase the everyday operation of the Non-Profit.

We also have a fund-raising program that with a very little effort on your part could increase your income substantially. If your organization has members that are businesses owners, or professional persons, or can perform a service, or just have something to sell (and what organization does not?) then we can definitely help you earn additional money. How? Just by explaining to them the great benefits of TOP, and with our help and our great friendly website, that is a snap.

Just for getting that Business owner or Professional Person to join, TOP will pay your Non- Profit organization a percentage of the cash Broker Fee received from the Member. Remember, you will receive this residual income with no effort on your part. You are not limited to a geographical area. If a member of your organization knows someone in another State, or Country, just get that Business Owner, or Professional Person to become a TOP Member, then just sit back and enjoy the residual income that you can use to operate, or expand your organization. Please take time to study all the material on our website, then you will agree, TOP is where it’s at, TOP is where you can earn additional money for your organization.

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